Vocabulary: week days

Study the week days in Chinese

In Chinese Monday is considered as the first day of the week, the name of the week days comes from the word “week” plus the number of the day: Monday is, literally, “week one”“; Tuesday, “week two”; etc. The word week can appear in two forms: xīng qī (星期) and zhōu (周). The only exception is Sunday, which is not “week seven”; instead it is composed with the word “rì 日”, meaning “day” o “sun”.

Monday xīng qī yī 星期一 zhōu yī 周一
Tuesday xīng qī èr 星期二 zhōu èr 周二
Wednesday xīng qī sān 星期三 zhōu sān 周三
Thursday xīng qī sì 星期四 zhōu sì 周四
Friday xīng qī wǔ 星期五 zhōu wǔ 周五
Saturday xīng qī liù 星期六 zhōu liù 周六
Sunday xīng qī rì 星期日 zhōu rì 周日